The case against outsourcing, by Dr. John Sullivan.
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Dr. John Sullivan (, a human resources management consultant, has written a very interesting article titled “The case against outsourcing: read this before you consider outsourcing!

In the article Dr. Sullivan shares some very valid reasons to think about before even considering outsourcing HR and payroll functions. Among them:

  • It provides no competitive advantage to your firm
  • Outsourcing can limit the growth, the image and the capabilities of the HR function
  • Past experiences have shown that in most cases the “promised” cost-savings never materialise and there is little data to prove “it works”
  • Information security and vendor longevity cannot be guaranteed
  • To us at Micro Systems Consultants, the issue of Information Security is of great importance. In an age of identity theft you must think twice before sending confidential personnel data to outsiders. Why would you send employee names, addresses, birth and hired date, dependents data, salary information to outsiders when you can’t disclose social security numbers on internal reports.

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