Can I process multiple companies with MSC Payroll?
Yes you can. MSC Payroll is capable of processing multiple companies and keeping separate records for each one. There is no limit to how many companies you can process with the program.
How many earning codes can a company have?
No limit at all. You can set up as many earning codes as you need. The same is true for taxes and additional deductions.
Is there an annual fee for tax updates?
Tax updates are included in the annual software maintenance fee. That fee covers all software upgrades and tax maintenance.
Can an employee have more than one direct deposit account?
An employee can have as many deposit accounts as he needs. Net pay can be distributed between the accounts by a percentage basis, or by specifying specific amounts to be distributed to the accounts.
Do you require a special check format?
No, MSC Payroll has a powerful form management system that allows it to adapt to any check format. We can print on laser, ink jet or even dot matrix printers.
Can multiple user access the program?
Yes. MSC Payroll is fully multiuser and can handle hundreds of users concurrently. Multiple user licences must be purchased for this feature.
Which database platform do you use?
MSC Payroll uses MS SQL.
How can you help me if I have a problem?
Our Immediate Support service is available 24x7. Visit our Support page for details on how we can assist you immediately should you have a problem?
My bank uses a non standard ACH format. Can you handle it?
Yes. In addition to the standard ACH format, MSC Payroll handles other non standard formats currently in use.
Some of our employees are paid by check, most prefer direct deposit. Is that a problem?
No. MSC Payroll can handle both. Once the payroll is processed checks and direct deposit slips are generated according to each employee setup. An ACH file is created for direct deposit transfer.
Are you compatible with our accounting software?
MSC Payroll is compatible with most accounting packages. That includes Quicken, Peachtree, Macola, MAS90, Accpac, SAP Business One, Timberline and many others. If necessary we can create new interfaces on demand.
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