Process by Exceptions
Save valuable time by storing normal employee payroll profiles on the system. Enter data only for those employees that deviated from their normal profile on a payroll period. Instead of processing of doing data entry for hundreds of employees, enter just those that worked additional or less hours than normal.
Accumulate Vacation and Sick Days
Stop using Excel worksheets to accumulate vacation/sick benefits. On MSC Payroll you can set unlimited vacation/sick leave accumulation definitions as required by local labor laws. Using these parameters MSC Payroll automatically accumulates vacation/sick leave benefits for each employee.
Compute local and federal taxes
Let MSC Payroll compute all local and federal taxes. The program tax tables and tax rate are always up to date. The program computes both employee and employer tax portions taking into account tax limit when appropiate.
Process checks and direct deposits
With MSC Payroll employees can opt to be paid by check or by direct deposit. The program will print checks and/or direct deposit slips accordingly. For direct deposits the program creates ACH standard files that are transmitted to the bank for proper direct deposit transfer. This eliminates double entry efforts and errors. Employees can distribute their net pay to multiple bank accounts.
Prepare local and federal tax returns
Save time and money by processing payroll tax returns with MSC Payroll. All local and federal forms and magnetic media are generated by the program.
Manage 401K qualified pension plans
Processing 401K plans is a breeze with MSC Payroll. Set the employee contribution as a percentage of wages or as a fixed amount. The program takes care of deducting the contribution, taking into account all available tax benefits. 401K data is accumulated and reported, digital files are prepared reporting employee/employer contributions to the company managing the plan.
Import time and attendance data
The program is compatible with most time-attendance systems. Eliminate data entry and errors by importing employee time transactions directly from your time and attendance software.
Post transactions to your accounting software
MSC Payroll is compatible with most major financial software packages. The program automatically prepares payroll distributions to general ledger accounts. Micro Systems Consultants can adapt the program to any financial software package capable of importing general ledger transactions via an ASCII files or SQL queries.
Print W2 forms
MSC Payroll will print W2 forms and prepare all required magnetic media for local and federal authorities. If necessary reprint W2 forms from previous years on the corresponding format.
Create your own reports
Need a customized report? MSC Payroll includes at no additional cost a very powerful reporting engine. No programming knowledge is required to create your own reports using the report creator wizard.
Export and import data
Do you need to export payroll data to Excel or to any other application? You can do it using our import/export wizard. No programming skills are required to import and export data between MSC Payroll and other applications.
View payroll historical data
Keep multiple years of data available online with MSC Payroll. Print standard reports, tax returns, W2 forms from previous years.
Keep your confidential data secure
Payroll data is extremely sensitive. MSC Payroll keeps it safe by using user id and password controlled access to your data. All data access is secured by strong digital encryption.
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